Where to Get Cheap SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are usually expensive but it is possible to get inexpensive ones as long as you know where to look.

Business owners and personal users looking for inexpensive SSL certificates should find ways to make a comparison of different certificate authorities. It is important to take note of providers with the highest ratings. You should consider these companies as your priorities. Compare features carefully and find out where you can get the best value and cheapest price. However, cheap SSL certificates may not be beneficial since only domains have gone through validation and are not capable of ensuring the greatest trust for clients. Low-priced certificates are not recommended for e-commerce shops and sites which are meant for public viewing. The affordable varieties are more appropriate for internal websites or email servers. All you need for these sites is ordinary encryption. There is no need to guarantee users regarding your identity. Nearly all of cheap SSL certifications match all primary web browsers.

Criteria for the Cheapest Certificates

Most SSL certificate authorities offer significant discounted rates for purchases that extend to several years. The recommended criteria for evaluating and choosing certifications are the following: promptness of issuing certificates; providing the SSL seal; support of the wildcard Security Sockets Layer; warranty terms; and policies on refund. Incidentally, wildcard refers to a special symbol representing a single or more characters. Operating systems and applications use the wildcard to identify files and directories. Here are some of the most affordable certificates and brief assessment of each provider along with the features of each:

  • CA Cert free certificate – The certificate is offered free of charge and issued immediately. However, there is no seal, warranty and wildcard. Refunds are not relevant. This is more suitable for testing purposes. Some browsers do not even accept this SSL certificate as a legitimate authority.
  • Start SSL – This certificate also comes free and can be issued within 10 minutes of your order. Again, there is no wildcard and refunds are also not applicable. The vendor does not conduct authentication further than the email address or domain name. This means that it is not advisable for e-commerce purposes.
  • Positive SSL Reseller (Name Cheap) – The cost is $9.95 with a seal and warranty of $10,000. There is no wildcard and refund is good for seven days only. This may be a fine option if you do not engage in any business using the SSL server.
  • Rapid SSL Reseller (Name Cheap) – Just like the previous certificate, the rate is $9.95 with seal included and warranty of $10,000. There is no wildcard and refund applies only for one week. This may be a fine option if you do not engage in any business using the SSL server.
  • Start SSL Verified – The certificate costs $49.90 with wildcard and seal as well as warranty of $10,000. Certification provides medium assurance since it validates email, domain and identity of website owner or organization.
  • Standard SSL – The SSL certificate costs $49.99 with warranty of $2,000. It can be an ideal add-on especially if you have a Domain Name Server account or suing Go Daddy hosting. It offers only validation of domain but provides a multitude of services.