What is an SSL Certificate?

Security when transacting over the Internet is of the utmost importance. Learn more about how SSL certificates can provide security to website owners and users.

There are a lot of things that work for us on the Internet every time we access it. Many systems have been developed and are in effect that make sure we continually get uninterrupted access to the websites we view and the pages we visit.

Information Security

One of the things that users of the Internet want to have is security. This largely comes in situations when users input personal information and data into websites and forms in order to make financial transactions or for other purposes. In these cases, it is vital for users to know that their information is secure and that no one else has access to it other than the people it is intended for. Since the Internet is used worldwide, there are very real risks of fraud and theft happening should anyone have access to other people’s information.

Understanding SSL Certificates

This is where SSL comes in. SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol and an encryption technology that was created and developed by Netscape. SSL is responsible for creating an encrypted or locked connection between a web server and its visitors’ web browsers to secure the transmission of private information without having other people tampering with the data, eavesdropping or forging messages.
In order to get SSL for a website, an SSL Certificate is needed to identify you. It then needs to be installed on your server. Usually, websites with an SSL Certificate can be identified by a padlock icon in the address bar of web browsers and sometimes by a green address bar. Once the SSL install has been done, any site can be accessed securely by a simple step: change the URL on the address bar from “http://” to “https://” . Having an SSL Certificate on your website will tell your visitors that they can trust your site to not leak information and they can be sure that the information they input in your website will be secure and confidential or can only be seen by you and your organization for the purposes intended.

Who Uses SSL Certificates?

SSL is needed vitally in websites that deal with personal, sensitive and private information. These may be information such as credit card numbers, personal information or contact numbers. Unless a website is secured by an SSL Certificate, there is a possibility for all information that was inputted in the website to be accessed by anyone on the Internet.

Not having an SSL Certificate may affect your business or website greatly. It has been seen through a research done by Gartner Research that nearly 70 percent of online shoppers did not trust the transaction and they ended up terminating their online orders. 64 percent of the 70 percent stated that the presence of a trust mark would have prevented them from terminating the order. Having an SSL Certificate and a site seal can be great for your business in the long run and can ultimately help you increase income.