Free SSL Certificates Pros and Cons

Free SSL certificates have their benefits and drawbacks. Learn what free SSL certificates can do for you.

SSL certificates make sure that information you send cannot be perceived by any unauthorized or third party. This technologically-advanced program creates a layer and jumbles the words to protect the data that you send out. There are advantages and shortcomings when you acquire free certificates. Yet, remember that this certification gives an assurance to visitors that the enterprise was confirmed through a third party. Registering for the free certificate is not so reliable and definitely slower. Avoid using free SSL to make secured payments.

Vendors of Security Sockets Layer

Various companies offer different kinds of certifications. The complete security and value of the certificate is contingent on the encoding process. Selection of the certificate for a specific website will depend on the website administration. Some enterprises go for free SSL certificate providers although others prefer the open Security Sockets Layer variety. There are certificates that you can choose from 48 to 128 bit strengths with minor site owners using the minimum number. The minimal amount of security is better than having no protection at all. It contains a trillion potential key combinations which is generally difficult to decipher.

Key Advantages

The free SSL certification is considered a valuable tool for websites especially with the escalating attacks from phishing or e-mail fraud scammers and hackers. The complimentary certificates provide encryption through SSL. The domain-validated or low assurance certificates may be utilized to check out website or Internet server security for a few weeks. You can shift to a more advanced SSL certificate authority. This will afford the online entrepreneur sufficient time to test the system completely and later on, install the appropriate certificate for current operational requirements.

The other principal benefits of free SSL certificates include:

  • The trial certificate entitles you to 100% free use for 30-day duration.
  • ┬áThe free certificate will be sent to you by email within 15 minutes.
  • No paperwork is required because of the automated validation.
  • There is browser recognition which is estimated at 99%.
  • You are not required to submit payment or credit card information.

Disadvantages of Free SSL Certificates

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides when you opt for free certification. The SSL, which comes without cost, can reduce the speed of your website. Your website appears as not trustworthy. The free certificate decreases the time that the data is transmitted between the user and website from a minimum of two to 10 instances. It also enhances network traffic by up to 300 percent. This can be a problem for broadband users. However, dial-up and a number of mobile Internet users may experience more load times on SSL secure sites.

The SSL may be free initially but it will eventually entail expenses. The consistent certificate required to provide reliable SSL service will cost you at least $30 annually. This may be very inexpensive for online businessmen but it can be relatively expensive for ordinary persons. The rule is to find out if you really need any SSL certification prior to purchasing one. Keep in mind that only websites handling sensitive information need this.