How SSL Certificates Work

Learn how Secure Sockets Layer or SSL works, how it can help secure your website. Internet security is a valuable component for all online enterprises and personal users as well. For those who are engaged in online businesses, this is critical to protect confidential information and ensure that online financial transactions and payments are protected. […]

Where to Get Cheap SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are usually expensive but it is possible to get inexpensive ones as long as you know where to look. Business owners and personal users looking for inexpensive SSL certificates should find ways to make a comparison of different certificate authorities. It is important to take note of providers with the highest ratings. You […]

Free SSL Certificates Pros and Cons

Free SSL certificates have their benefits and drawbacks. Learn what free SSL certificates can do for you. SSL certificates make sure that information you send cannot be perceived by any unauthorized or third party. This technologically-advanced program creates a layer and jumbles the words to protect the data that you send out. There are advantages […]

Shared vs. Dedicated SSL

Dedicated SSL certificates are expensive. Shared SSL certificates can be the answer to those with budget restrictions. SSL certificates are very crucial for e-Commerce websites. The certificate does not only provide protection for information. It will also prove to your customer that you are resolute in securing information. Customers are cautioned about websites that do […]

How to Install SSL Certificates

Learn to install SSL certificates by reading the handy guide below. You can easily install SSL Certificates. The SSL certificate is readily available for downloading when validation and processing have been finished. Certificates come in text file. This is encrypted data which the web server can decipher when set up as digital certificate. Create a […]

Choosing an SSL Certificate Provider

It is important to make sure that you are buying your SSL Certificate from a reputable provider. These are the companies that work hard to guarantee the security of the sites under their protection. Running a business online has a lot of considerations. One of the most important is gaining the trust of your customer, […]

Guide to Buying SSL Certificates

There is a wide range of SSL certificates and related products to choose from. Learn how to choose the best SSL Certificate for your online business below. Since the internet is vast and is easily accessible by a myriad of people, it is always better to be safe in our online proceedings. Especially where private […]

Do I Need an SSL Certificate for my Online Business?

Online businesses also benefit from having an SSL Certificate, as this signifies to customers that they are trustworthy. Most of the things that we do every day can be done with the help or through the use of the internet. One of the things we can do online is conduct business. Online businesses have become […]

Types of SSL Certificates

The different types of SSL Certificates perform varying tasks for different situations. SSL is a protocol used to secure a site. SSL Certificates are given to sites which can be trusted to secure information fed into them. Sites with SSL Certificates have a system of encryption used in transmitting information from a web server to […]

What is an SSL Certificate?

Security when transacting over the Internet is of the utmost importance. Learn more about how SSL certificates can provide security to website owners and users. There are a lot of things that work for us on the Internet every time we access it. Many systems have been developed and are in effect that make sure […]